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Sales: 1-800-49-ARBOR

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ArborSoftWorx Commercial Features

Every business wants to be more organized, save time, increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Customer Management

  • Efficiently manage unlimited number of Customers capturing extensive demographics including: multiple e-mail and phone contact information, source and other demographics from the initial phone call
  • Access complete customer history from one screen
  • Schedule and Track Sales Appointments using the color coded “Drag and Drop” calendar scheduler
  • Manage all client documents in one place, Document management allows you to attach ANY type of file and with one-click access, edit, print, e-mail the document
  • Manage 3rd Party Billing, Alternate Job Sites, Additional Contacts, Neighbors for Notification
  • Perform Comprehensive Property Inventories and Plant Appraisals.  Create and maintain inventories for clients, estates, small parks, HOA’s and townships with extensive attributes for each item based on ISA standards.  Identify species, DBH, condition rating, grow space, defects, risks and more. Identify maintenance needs to assist Property Managers and Grounds Keepers in planning and budgeting future work.
  • Create and attach a property sketch and road map for each job site
  • And more...

Proposal/Contract Management

  • Create detailed professional Proposals using ANSI A300 standard unlimited length text service descriptions with the assistance of drop down Services, Service Programs, and a 1200+ editable Woody Plants List.
  • Deliver accurate pricing with the aide of the built-in Pricing and Costing tools
  • Define service resource needs: crew, equipment, materials, chemicals
  • Create CAD style Landscape Drawings and Site Plans and embed them along with photographs and other images
  • Generate Contract Renewals with Speed and Accuracy to increase revenue
  • Produce NY State DEC Compliant PHC Proposals for regulated applications
  • And more...

Work Orders and Job Management

  • Scheduling /Routing - use schedulers and report filters to build crew work days
  • Print Work Orders by Single or Batch.  Include comprehensive driving directions, GPS coordinates, and embedded Google Maps detailed maps
  • Perform Customer and Neighbor Notifications via phone, e-mail or postal mail
  • Include crew specific notes and instructions (Bi-Lingual as needed)
  • For PHC and Application type Work Orders may show service history for DEC compliance
  • Print Work Orders with a Remittance tear-off to leave with the customer for faster payments
  • And much more...

Accounting Management

  • Invoicing, A/R, Payments Received, Pre-Payments, Statements
  • Support for Multi-level Tax Schedules: based on state, county/parish, or city, and for our non-US users, based on HST, PST, GST and/or VAT.
  • Accept Pre-payments and manage with Job matching
  • Numerous standard Aged A/R reports based on 30/60/90, age, Customer type and others, supports export to Excel and PDF
  • Links to QuickBooks or Reckon Accounting Program Add-on Option
  • Process credit cards with the Program Add-on e-Pay Option

Management Tools, Reporting and Marketing

  • “Big Picture” or Detailed Company Overview Reporting
  • Sales and Profit Analysis; Detailed Sales and Customer Analysis; Robust reporting with exports to Excel, Print and PDF
  • Report & Forms Designer for “Do-It-Yourself” reports
  • Marketing Tools: Effectively Mine your data for Marketing with the Powerful “Search and Selector” engine, export for print-house
  • e-mail campaigns, custom mail-merge
  • Customizable System Configuration Settings.  You define the departments, services, service programs, Tax tables, Routing, Resources and Costing and more.. .that are unique to your business.
  • Establish Password controls for individual users program access

Business Tools

  • Track and Report Chemical and other material usage for DEC recording and reporting regulations with the Program Add On Site Visitation Option (fulfills NY state requirements)
  • Maintain equipment maintenance and inspections including costs
  • Inventory Control for Chemicals, Plants, Materials includes Vendor info, order and usage data, last ordered, quantity on hand, and more.
  • Maintain records on personnel, training, equipment, client contacts, collections, and more to fulfill TCIA Accreditation record keeping requirements. TCIA Accreditation is fast becoming recognized as the industry standard for Excellence as viewed by your customers and government agencies. TCIA Accreditation may be new to the industry, but it’s record keeping requirements have been standard features in ArborSoftWorx for years.

Scheduling and Routing

  • Schedule customer appointments and services using the built-in drag-and-drop schedulers with color-coded routing.  The colors denote the Territory of the Customer site.  The Time blocks are defined from the Appointment or Service.
  • Service Example: Suppose a Crown Cleaning service is projected to take 3 hours as defined by the Arborist when building the Proposal, then the Time block in the Service Scheduling Calendar would be preset to 3 hours.  Simply filter all the pending services for that Territory (Geography), Crew, Service, or other selections, then drag-and-drop those services needed to “Make My Day” for that crew.
  • Daily and Weekly displays, Bulk Move of appointments/services from day to day (it rained!).
  • Generate reports and listings by a variety of selections and filters.  Send Estimate Requests or Work Orders to any mobile device capable of receiving e-mail with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Customize the calendar display settings to suit your needs.  Set your work day start and end times, and default appointment and service duration times.
  • Google Maps to optimize driving, download to smart devices

Calls, Tasks, Notes

  • Quickly enter Call-Back messages, Memos, Tasks and ‘To-Do’ items using the ArborSoftWorx built-in “Call-Task” feature from any screen and eliminate those lost "Phone message" sheets or “post-it” notes.   Examples: log Customer Complaints, Collection calls, Sales Reminder, Follow Ups, ...
  • Automatically reference general customer information, a particular Proposal/Contract, Invoice or a Receivable record.  Enter unlimited text descriptions, and responses.  Assign call back owners, priorities, and reminder dates and times.
  • Send to any SmartPhone, Mobile Device or e-mail address.

LIVE Spellchecker with customizable dictionary

Context Sensitive Help

One-click e-mail PDF Estimates, Proposals, Work Orders, Invoices, Statements

Multiple Branch Office Support - ArborSoftWorx can support multiple office locations or multiple businesses from one database.


ArborSoftWorx® has the power and flexibility to meet the demands of a single user office, multiple user networks, secure remote access, as well as multiple branch offices

ArborSoftWorx® is full of the productivity enhancing features you expect from an industry specific software program, plus more...

ArborSoftWorx® is built by award winning engineers using state-of-the-art software development tools including an industry leading SQL database, resulting in an industrial strength product.

ArborSoftWorx has found a home with organizations both large and small throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East since 1983.
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