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Sales: 1-800-49-ARBOR

Support: 410-461-5858


Product Support

We understand that you are an expert in your profession, not in software. When you have questions, you need an answer immediately.  ArborSoftWorx Hotline services will be there to assist you.

Each day we handle over 90% support calls live, so you don't have to endure call-backs or two hour waits on hold.  When you call, you will be talking to the actual designers of the software.  Our support staff consists of degreed professionals with real-world experience.  No one can support you like the actual designers of the software. 

In addition to our telephone technical support, we also offer e-mail, fax and internet services for your assistance.  Product updates can be downloaded from our web site.

By talking directly to our clients each day, we are in tune with what they want, and new industry trends.  As a result, many of our product enhancements are ideas that come from our clients.

We understand your business and ArborSoftWorx was built for it.

Remote Support

Our support technicians use a secure on-demand Web based portal to provide remote support.  This portal enables our technicians to work with you on your computer to assist in training and troubleshooting, or to provide software version upgrade services.  All you need is a connection to the internet.  We can not access your system without your permission, or without your accessing the web portal first.

Extended Annual Support Policies

We strongly encourage all of our ArborSoftWorx customers to maintain a current Service Agreement, especially in the first year.  The Service Agreement includes free product version updates/upgrades, documentation updates, telephone, and modem support. 

The cost is minimal and the benefits are great.

On-Site Training and Consultation

ArborSoftWorx is an easy-to-use software product that does not require formal training.  However, many of our customers have found an immediate gain in productivity after receiving an on-site, custom designed class.

Customized training classes for you and your staff at are provided at your facility by one of our training specialists.  They will customize a training plan specific to your business, and level of computer software knowledge.  They can assist with the product installation procedure, and, will coach you through the initial software set-up and configuration.

Our training specialists are knowledgeable in the green industries, computer hardware, software installation, and general business practices.  Our training specialists, who are comprised of certified instructors, and college teachers, can develop and deliver at your office customized educational programs for your staff.


ArborSoftWorx® has the power and flexibility to meet the demands of a single user office, multiple user networks, secure remote access, as well as multiple branch offices

ArborSoftWorx® is full of the productivity enhancing features you expect from an industry specific software program, plus more...

ArborSoftWorx® is built by award winning engineers using state-of-the-art software development tools including an industry leading SQL database, resulting in an industrial strength product.

ArborSoftWorx has found a home with organizations both large and small throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe and the Middle East since 1983.
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